Year One | Montreal, Part II

More exploring today. Random places, getting lost on our favourite transit system. Toronto, please do better XD. Here are some tidbits! 

For those in Sydney reading, literally every suburb feels quaint and quirky and awesome! Kind of like Erskineville/Surry/Redfern all jumbled up into one. So that's what Montreal feels like, everywhere. Makes me miss a bit of that good ole Sydney vibe. I think what I miss most is mixed zoning. In Markham (Toronto 'burbs) - where you live and where your eat and drink often feel disconnected, where in Montreal and Sydney (even in the burbssss!), it's all jumbled and I love that. I like that the neighbourhood gets a boost from foot traffic and the overall feeling is less sterility. Okay, end rant XD! 

Our stops today:

St. Viateur Bagels | Cafe Myriade Mile End | Random Alleyways | Atwater Marketplace | Cafe Le Butterblume | Noble Cafe | Park Restaurant (separate post to come)

Jonathan Tay