Year One | Montreal

I decided a while back that from the tip money I received, we'd do something a bit fun but close-by and budget friendly (we don't usually take tips into account, since it varies wildly week-to-week) for our one year anniversary. Candice has always said that I'm terrible with surprises (it's true, I almost always blow my cover and spill the beans) so I was determined to keep this trip a secret no matter what. I even offered to pack her bags for her the night before but I finally relented the night before we left so that she could pack appropriately, haha. 

Our stops today:

Coeur d'Artichaut - Boutique de décoration d'intérieur | Méchants Pinsons | Le Chien Fumant


Food and coffee have been a big part of our journey for anyone that knows us. I think food and drink have a way of disarming conversation showing that collectively, we all have basic needs fulfilled, that we are lacking and that we can acknowledge that it's okay to admit that in front of each other. It's not always that deep, but we know that this mundane effort of eating can also be really pleasant when places somehow elevate this really basic thing into something much more beautiful whether that's in presentation, service, and flavour. To me, that's a great place to chat about God. Because God shows us that we have needs, that we can try and fill them with the best of the best foods, experiences and goals, but they'll leave us wanting every time because it pales in comparison to him. Thankfully, sometimes really good food and drink also points us to Him. All this is just to say, I love my wife and I'm undeserving of the grace I get from her, and yet I've had it freely over this year - I love that she points me to a better grace-giver in Jesus who gave Himself up for me even when I was a wreck towards him. Marriage does that. It points to a better picture of grace and tells an amazing story of salvation. Happy one year, Love.

Jonathan Tay