South New Zealand | the Fjordland (Fiyoorrrdland)

Fjord: Geologically, a fjord or fiord is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by a glacier

So Milford Sound isn't even a Sound. It's a FjJJjjjjjooorrrddd. That's how I say it. Don't lie, that probably how you say it in your head too.


So this place is super super cool, and cold. Also, it rains around 185 days of the year. Such a unique untouched part of the world. You have to drive down this really scary ONE WAY tunnel to get there and amazing winding roads. It's self sustained in terms of electricity and you better fuel up before you go. We forgot and turned around after driving 30km from the nearest town as we ran lower than I was comfortable with. 

They had dolphins! They randomly come in from the Tasman Sea to play once every rare while so it was so cool to have them swim up to us and play a bit, but got a quick snap before they left!

Below are some pictures of this observatory thats underwater. What makes it unique is that it is self sustained, self-contained and doesn't disturb the natural wildlife and habitat at all so what you see is wildlife in the Fjord at it's best. Because of the unique mix of salt and fresh water, you get some unique effects of the life resembling that of much deeper dwelling creatures.

Here are some random photos we took in Queenstown as well. We just put our cameras mostly away those days and just enjoyed quiet breakfasts and easier walks while taking a Gondola down because we were too tired.. 

Jonathan Tay