Tasmania: final thoughts + Australia Day

Summary: loved the beauty of the state (I keep wanting to say country...), so untouched, so much left to see. Australia Day, such a politically charged day - it's so sad to see but looking at the hope of it all.


Yellow fields, sheep and rolling hills. Tasmania, you beautiful place. I can't wait to come back and see you. It might be a long time from now but you've gained a new strong admirer in me. The winding roads, countryside and your unique colour pallette - I think I'll always be able to recognise you.

I keep hearing so much about the divide on Australia day. I'll keep it short as I am so unqualified to speak on this subject. I am not a citizen, I'm a minority in this beautiful country that has taken me in and become my second home so I'm already coming from a biased lens. There's just so much poisonous language spoken on both sides. It's such a sad time to be in a post-debate era where opinions can't be healthily shared without criticism of the person on the other side. We've simply reduced people to their ideas and forgotten their humanity, as flawed as we think they might be. If I were to jump off the fence and choose a side, I would just say this. It seems like one side is incredibly hurt from the past and sure it's been a long time, it doesn't negate the effect of how real it might still hurt. We don't get to tell someone whether something hurts them or not - even if at some point, you hope that person gets to move on, but you better be hoping they move on for their sake, not yours, or you've just undermined your own position. Anyways, I'll say this: I wouldn't be opposed to a changed date - it just seems like it would really lift some sort of pain for one of the people groups and it doesn't really take too much away from the other group other than simply the date "it's always been". Am I totally over simplifying this and completely naive and misinformed? Happy to be wrong, but also happy to be educated over a coffee. Cheers all.

Jonathan Tay