Tasmania Day Five

It was a rough one. My wife's health issue escalated quite a bit in the last day or so which really put the pressure on us to figure out whether to sort out a medical procedure done here in Tassie or wait until we got back to Sydney. She's OKAY but I think it was just one of those inconveniences in our trips that threw us for a loop, but again, nothing but thankfulness for our friends (who also happen to be amazing medical practitioners) and family for the emotional and support we needed. Honestly, there are worse things to experience than this as we know we are more than blessed to even be able to go on a holiday so we're just relieved we didn't have to cut things short.


So some of the original heavier hikes were scrapped and we ended up going to much more relaxing trails and slowing down our pace significantly. Today we hit up the Binnalong Bay region also known as the Bay of Fires for the red colored rock formations along the beach bay. It was truly awesome and I don't think we would have seen it had we tried to tough out the hikes we originally planned so going with the flow was such a rewarding experience! Definitely a great learning experience. 

Jonathan Tay