Tasmania Day Four

Day four was one of those days were we "took it easy" and just changed up the pace a bit. Low effort, high reward kind of days. That's what Montezuma Falls will do for you. Three hours return trail but three hours one direction drive. That's okay. We've got the sickest DJ in the house spinning some great tunes. We've been listening to a mixture of: dope hip hop (think Tupac - Changes), 80s-90s pop/rock, Bethel Music, The Belong Co, Hillsong. Pretty standard fare for us. 


We came for some 10-15 Celsius weather with moody overcast lighting which was forecasted all week, but instead we've had anything from 9 Celsius then next day all the way up to 35 Celsius. I guess the heat followed us from Sydney even when we tried to run haha. I think we packed for all four seasons and boy was it worth it. Glad we split 5 dollars a piece and got a check in luggage for our extra layers and shorts we didn't think we'd need. ANYWAYS, here are the rest of the photos of a singular hike. It's surprisingly difficult to capture the scale and also the power and height of the Falls; Long exposure is also not an option for me.

Jonathan Tay