Tasmania Day One

Day one was everything we hoped for but some unexpected difficulties... 


We had an awesome drive out to the beautiful Mount Field National Park. Flights were smooth and driving here is so fun. The windy roads were so well maintained, no traffic (I don't miss Sydney in this regard), and miles of yellow wheat, black and white sheep, and a mountainous background! It's seriously unreal.

My wife unfortunately has had a bit of a low back issue lately and it flared up right before this trip so we've had to take it easy and we've changed our pace and trails we originally chose to accommodate but we are so so thankful for our friends who are the easiest people to travel with. We are also so thankful for the medical advice we are so fortunately to have had access to through our dear friend K (hello! :D) else we (mostly me) would be so much more worried and lost as to how to deal with it on the fly. It's still unresolved and we have to sort it out when we are back but we are just full of gratitude for the ability to travel and to enjoy creation and to grow as people together. 

I figure I've grown already in the first day learning to be flexible, that it's not about my plans even if it's in a small way and it's out of a place of abundance, it's still a good lesson in humility that things don't always go to plan, and it's okay. The cheesy adage goes: "It's not so much the destination as much as the journey" so stay tuned for day two!