Tasmania Day Two

Oops, we got locked out. Twice. In two hours.


As much as I'd like to take those "instaworthy" cool moody shots, we're on vacation so we really didn't feel like waking too early and the weather was just super bright and sometimes you just take what you're given so here we are! 

So we went to Cradle Mountain today on the Dove Lake Circuit. We intended to do the Marion Lookout but as per previous post about my wife's health, it just prevented us from doing that and even though we would be totally down for our friends to go without us, we ended up sticking together. And we were richly rewarded. 

We all got in the car and checked the time 4:00PM. We recalled driving past a Creamery that had gelato along the "Taste Tasmania Trail". We didn't have signal down the mountain and out to the road for the first half of the drive so we didn't remember when they closed. It was 4:45 when we ended up having some signal and realised that it closed at 5:00PM!! Long story short, we made it at 4:58 and they served us some really really yummy flavours: Peach and Myrtle ; Caramelised Fig - such nice light flavours after a hot day.  BUT WAIT... we then googled if there was cheese farm nearby, and OF COURSE it closed at 5:30, it was 5:12, so we "barn-hopped" over quickly and made it just in time again!! So yeah, that was fun.

But my goodness here comes the getting locked out thing. This morning I must've dropped my keys as I was filling up petrol. Long story short, we thought we were locked out BUT we found the keys back at the petrol station and then we tried to unlock our place. And when I turned the key, it SNAPPED. Yup - right at the neck of the key. So we had no idea what to do. We youtubed, googled, you name it. We called the AirBnb Host who was incredibly gracious considering we kind of ruined her night and made her come out. But just before she arrived we were able to jiggle the bit loose with some ingenuity and hands on prowess by the gang (not so much me, I just know when I might end up being in the way, haha). Anyways, we got in and we're alright but what a story, hey? So don't lose your key, I guess, is the lesson.