New Year New Format


Happy new year to you and your loved ones. A beautiful whirlwind was 2017. I was graced with the chance to work and provide, to rest and receive. I also got married to the most wonderful person I know and learned so much about her and then about myself too. Our 2018 is going to be scary and exciting mostly because we don't know what it brings. But I do know I need to narrow my focus and funnel my energy. This year I specifically need to focus on passing some Canadian board exams and I just won't be afforded the same time and energy I've had to give to photography in the sense I don't think I'll be able to take on as many formalised, big shoots. But I'll still be working on capturing my personal moments casually whenever I can. I hope you'll tag along for these moments but the website will be pretty empty and fresh for the next little while but I guess that's the point, hey? Happy new year, y'all.

Jonathan TayComment