Hi, I'm Jonathan and I'm based in Sydney. Thanks for dropping by. I've always been reluctant to call myself a photographer because I'm trained as a physiotherapist and that's what I do most but I have found so much joy behind the camera. At the behest of my friends, family and funnily enough, my patients, I have finally decided to "open shop" and put together a portfolio. While I don’t have much past work to share here, I’m excited to explore this opportunity, and I hope that somehow, all of this leads us to meet each other.

During the weekdays, I'm a physiotherapist; on the weekends, I get to become a photographer. In both cases, I empathize with those I'm around, trying to understand what they are feeling - the stories conveyed to me and everyone else. I love to tell stories. Everyone has a story and I believe that photography is a beautiful way to tell yours. I like to be woven into your day as if I'm part of the family. The more you let me in to your day, the more I can do with capturing the moments you’ll be able to look back on, and treasure, for a lifetime.

Maybe you like what you see, but you’re not sure if it’s right for you. Whether it’s to book a session or just to have a chat, feel free to drop a line in the contact form.  I'm always keen on getting to know new friends along the way; it's really the best part of all this. Talk soon.